Wednesday, April 25, 2007

More on hitting a draw and how it improves your game

Check out this video on How to Hit a Draw. It looks like its going to be a good DVD. I think I'm going to give it a try. I'll let you know what I think of it.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Learn How to Hit a Draw and Improve Your Golf Game

So I've been hearing a lot about the "draw" shot. Everyone tells me that if you learn to draw you can immediately improve your game. My cousin Micky is probably the best golfer I go out to the links with and I know he hits draws with regularity. If he's using it, it's got to be a good thing.

I'm thinking about picking up this DVD I got an e-mail about today. The DVD teaches you how to hit a Draw. I've gotten other DVD's from this company recently and I like the method they teach. I haven't been able to practice it enough for it to really make a difference, but the couple of times on the course that I hit the ball well using their technique shows me that it works.

The biggest problem with my game is consistency. The second biggest problem with my game is slicing. This method claims that it'll fix both of these problems. It's got me fairly excited. I think when it comes out I'll definitely give it a shot. They've got a money back guarantee. If I try it and it doesn't work, I'll just get my money back. But if I can improve my game that much from something that costs less than a round at my favorite course, then I should probably give it a try.


Sunday, April 15, 2007

Palm Valley The Lakes Course, in Goodyear, AZ

So I've been looking forward to playing the Palm Valley Golf Course that my friend lives near (his patio looks out on the water hazard on 7 of the Palm Valley Course) for a long long time. He's been hyping this course to me since he moved there over 6 months ago. He got us a tee time on the Lakes Course (the shorter of the two courses at Palm Valley) and we finally headed out there today.

After shooting so miserably yesterday (see the previous post), I was determined to have a good round today.

What's that saying? "The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry."

On this 4,745 yard par 62 course, I shot a 127. That's a big step backward. I hit 58 on the front nine and 69 on the back. Oy vey! That could be the worst round I've shot in a long time. I just fell apart in the short game. I have been trying a little pointer that I picked up, but never practiced, and it just didn't work. That's something that I can't suggest strongly enough - PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. Especially if you're trying something new. By the last couple holes, my confidence in my short game was totally gone. The shots that I normally hit well - like the green side bunker - I was tanking. It was reasonably horrible.

It was a very good time though and a beautiful course -
There was one hole that wasn't entirely up to snuff. It looked like some kids had gotten on the green with bicycles or something. There were straight grooves running across the green like tire treads. Otherwise the course was immaculate. A really good play, even for a shorter course like this. Good desert terrain. It was difficult without being impossible. I definitely recommend that course if you ever head out that way.

In the meantime, I'll get to practicing. Hope your last round was better than mine!


Saturday, April 14, 2007

Mountain Shadows, Paradise Valley, AZ

So, uh, yeah. That might have been the worst round I've ever played. It was an executive course with a par of 57 and a total of 3081 yards. I shot a 114. Yikes. That is so awful, I don't even know how to say how horrible that is. There were too holes where I literally gave up. I was so far behind the guys I was playing with and I had hit the ball out of bounds repeatedly, I just had to give up and head to the next hole.

I shot a 64 on the front nine and a 50 on the back. I actually shot a lot better towards the end of the round, but it was such a mess early on.

On the bright side, the course was REALLY nice. Nice little course, very well kept. I would definitely recommend it to anybody. We had a good time and I got a little sunburnt. All in all a good day.

Playin' again tomorrow. I'll keep you informed!


Friday, April 13, 2007

Some old scorecards...

So I was digging through a closet in my back bedroom this morning looking for a DSL modem and I found a couple old scorecards. Its funny when these things just appear. Two of them were from my first couple Arizona outings, and the third was 3 or 4 rounds ago. Here's a little peek...

The oldest one was from Apache Wells ( I shot a 71 going out with 26 putts and 67 coming back with 22 putts. A little better on the back 9, but we're still looking at a 138. Not anybody's best round. This course is actually easier going out (34) than coming back (37) so I guess I should consider it some kind of moral victory, but the whole course is only 6038 yards and its fairly straight. We played another round there the next month where I shot a little better.

The second oldest is from Kokopelli Golf Club ( and I shot a 144. Yikes. I remember that day. It was horrible. Everything I hit went immediately to the right. I lost a lot of balls that day out of bounds. I shot a 74 going out and a 70 coming in. This was probably 6 to 8 weeks after the previous scorecard. This course is about 6228 yards. A little longer, but still not especially long. I remember that it was a nice course though. I would definitely play there again.

The third scorecard is newer - from early this year, like January or so. I hit a then personal best of 108. It was Apache Wells again, like the first card. I hit 57 on the way out with 21 putts, and 51 on the way in with 19 putts. It was a very good day. For someone that's NEVER shot a birdie (I missed one by an inch on my last round), I did have 3 pars. That's pretty good for me. I had more 1 putts that I normally have and my drives stayed mostly in play.

So the story of these cards is this: The first and third cards are the same course about a year apart. I went from a 138 to a 108. That's a reduction of 21.5%. If in the next year I can affect a similar reduction in my handicap, I'll be hitting 85. That would be OUTSTANDING. I will happily take HALF that and hit a 96.

I think I might play tomorrow AND Sunday. That will kick butt. I can't wait!!